FilGoal | News | England defender: Driving a brown person to the FA would be a big step forward


England defender Tyrone Mings believes that the possibility of a black FA presidency would be a big step for equality.

On Tuesday evening, the Football Association announced the resignation of its president, Craig Clark, due to comments described as racist during a session of Parliament.

In response to a question about what it means to have a brown man or a brunette in the position of president of the FA, Mings said: “Of course it will be a big step forward, it will be the culmination of many efforts for equality.”

“We are not asking for the next president to be black,” Aston Villa defender added.

Clark initially described the non-white players as “colored”, during his response to a parliamentary inquiry Tuesday morning.

And it was only hours, until the FA issued a statement saying: “We can confirm the resignation of Craig Clark from his position as president of the federation.”

The statement added, “Peter McCormick will assume the position temporarily, provided that the Federation’s Board of Directors begins determining how to appoint a new president at the appropriate time.”

Clark was in a video meeting with some members of Parliament’s Culture, Sports and Media Committee when he said: “Social media is available to everyone. Look at the amount of insults directed at football players and players of color on social media.”

Immediately, the Football Association issued a statement saying that “Clark deeply apologizes for the words he used to refer to some ethnic minorities during his meeting with the committee.”

The statement added, “The President of the Football Association admitted that the use of the term” two million “was inappropriate and apologized from his heart during the session.


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