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Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola acknowledged the importance of the Liverpool match, but he does not see it as crucial in determining the identity of the English Premier League champion.

Manchester City hosts Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium next Sunday in the eighth round of the English Premier League.

Guardiola began the conference by excluding Sergio Aguero from the confrontation: “Aguero is not ready yet.”

Guardiola was asked whether the Liverpool match would be decisive in the title campaign, and he replied: “The Liverpool match is important, but the case is like the American election: all votes must be counted. There are a lot of points to compete on.”

* Guardiola does not seem to share Donald Trump’s view of wanting to stop the vote count.

He continued: “It is always great to play against the strongest teams, and last year Liverpool was the strongest team. It is an exceptional team and has the same coach for a long time, and it is wonderful to face him to raise our level.”

He added, “It is an important match of course, but it is only the seventh game and there are a lot of points to compete in. We realize that we have to do well to defeat them. We won over them and lost against them in the past, and we will have to do our best to win.”

He continued: “When you play against teams like Liverpool, there are always moments during which you suffer. We realize that, we know each other well. We have met a lot, and I do not expect a match in which we are fully in control, or a match in which they fully control, we must be balanced and take advantage of opportunities.” We will be decisive. The two teams want to attack. ”

Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp said that the trip to Manchester City is the most difficult external confrontation, so can Pep agree with him?

The Spanish coach replied: “Of course. I agree with Klopp about 95% of things.”

Guardiola also spoke about the absence of Virgil van Dyck, the Liverpool star with a broken cruciate ligament: “The most important thing is that he underwent a successful surgery, I hope he recovers as soon as possible. I will miss him because I love facing the best players. Liverpool remains a great team of course because of his build, every player knows.” What he should do and we saw what happened against Atalanta. We faced Atalanta last season and we know how difficult it is to win at home. Liverpool remain a great team. ”

Guardiola believes that Liverpool is not the only contender for the title: “Liverpool are the favorites to win the title, but because of the epidemic the situation is different. I see other teams strong. Leicester have maintained their level since last year. Arsenal took a big step forward to be a candidate, and in Tottenham Mourinho. He owns the team he wants. Chelsea is very stable now and has a big list that allows him to rotate between top players. Manchester United is not living its best period in terms of results, but we know the quality of its players, it is a team that has great quality and speed in attack.

He continued: “I think at the end of this season there will be many teams competing for the title in the last 5 or 10 matches, I hope we will be among them.”

He concluded: “The important thing is to win the title, it does not matter how many points you collect, I do not know what will happen. It does not seem that there will be a team that will score many points, but you will never be sure of that. The teams you mentioned are capable of achieving a large series of victories. We must focus. It is up to ourselves to improve and try to win. ”

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