FilGoal | News | Hazem Imam: Fadel Argument and Electrification? Provocations and judgment increased with color


Screenshot of the altercation between Kahraba and Muhammad Fadl at the Al-Ahly crowning party

Hazem Imam expressed his dissatisfaction with the crisis raised over the altercation that took place between Muhammad Fadl, a member of the Five-Year Committee, and Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, the Al-Ahly player, before the ceremony of handing over the league shield.

Hazem said on the radio program (One Two), “The provocations have increased in the football field in the recent period, to the point that I prefer not to talk about anything.”

He added, “The crisis began with Kahrabas refusal to shake hands with Fadl, which led to a clash between them, and there is a great debate about identifying who was at fault, and unfortunately the ruling is the color of the vanilla or affiliations.”

He continued, “There are those who demand a penalty against Kahraba, and another believes that Fadl is at fault, while Zamalek fans have entered the line to remember the punishment that Amr Al-Ganaini imposed against Shikabala after the Super match. The situation has become very bad.”

Hazem Imam also talked about summoning Ramadan Sobhi to the national team despite his long absence from the stadiums due to injury, saying, “It was repeated with me when the captain of Al-Gohary included me in the team despite not participating in the matches during my professional career.”

“If the player performs well, the coach’s decision is praised, and if he does not do the required, the coach will be criticized, in general … Any player who joins the national ranks and does not participate with his team will have question marks,” he concluded.


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