FilGoal | News | In the Joule, he reveals – the current position of the Beckham transfer deal to Al-Ahly … and what disrupts the agreement with the Tigris


Although Al-Ahly reached an agreement on the value of the transfer deal for Ahmed Ramadan “Beckham” to the team from the Tigris Valley, there are some details that impede the completion of the deal. learned that Al-Ahly and Tigris agreed to move Beckham to Al-Ahmar for 12.5 million pounds, without any reciprocal deals, as Al-Ahly refused the Tigris request to loan or sell one of the trio Mohamed Sharif, Nasser Maher or Salah Mohsen, who is expected to return to the team.

However, what impedes the completion of the deal is the desire of the Tigris to obtain the amount of the deal in advance and in cash, while Al-Ahly wants to install the amount.

Negotiations continue between the two parties to reach a satisfactory agreement for both of them, with Beckham becoming the third Al-Ahly deal, after Taher Mohamed Taher from the contractors and Badr Banoun from the Moroccan hope.

Ahmed Ramadan Beckham participated this season in 32 matches between the League and the Egypt Cup. He scored two goals in them.

The 23-year-old was a member of the Egyptian Olympic team that won the U-23 Africa Cup of Nations last year.


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