FilGoal | News | In the Joule it reveals – How Al-Ahly thinks in the list for next season, “2 deals and 4 returns”


Al-Ahly’s technical staff has largely settled in the form of a list of its players for the new season, which is scheduled to start at the end of November. learned that Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani has largely decided his plans in the summer transfer season in order to support the next season’s list, which the Football Association announced will include 30 players for each team. shows how Musimani thinks about what a menu looks like.


Al-Ahly is currently not thinking of hiring a new goalkeeper in light of the presence of Mohamed El-Shennawi as the main goalkeeper, followed by Ali Lotfi and then Mustafa Schubert as a third goalkeeper, with the presence of young guards as well such as Ahmed Tariq Suleiman and Alaa Hamza.

Line of defense

Al-Ahly is definitely targeting the one behind contracting with Ahmed Ramadan Beckham Compensation for the departure of Ahmed Fathy to be a partner of Mohamed Hani in the right-back position.

However, the left-back position is still a concern in Al-Ahly in light of the policy of relying on Ali Maaloul only, while there is no clear alternative to him despite the presence of Mahmoud Waheed.

However, Musimani’s preference to push Ahmed Fathi during the matches that Maaloul missed confirmed the team’s need for an alternative, which would be mostly Ayman Ashraf, who would not have a great need to rely on in the heart of the defense with the return of Rami Rabia, Mahmoud Metwally and Saad Samir from injury and contracting with Moroccan Badr Bannon.

Bannon will be the super deal that Al-Ahly relies on to expel the inconvenience and tension caused by injuries, in addition to developing this center in Al-Ahly with a player who has special characteristics. learned that Al-Ahly is currently putting the last frills on hiring a Raja defender.

Al-Ahly hopes with the arrival of Bannon and the return of Rabia, Metwally and Saad Samir, with the presence of players such as Yasser Ibrahim and also Ayman Ashraf, and the possibility of helping Ahmed Beckham also close this file and not suffer from it again, as happened in previous seasons.


With Al-Ahly owning Alio Diang, Amr Al-Soleya and Hamdi Fathy, with Odeh Akram Tawfiq This center does not need new deals, according to the vision of the technical staff.

It may open a comeback Nasser Maher Possibilities for loaning Saleh Jumaa, especially since the playmaker center occupied by Muhammad Magdi “Afsha” also has Walid Suleiman.

Al-Ahly will most likely wait until next winter before assessing the need to sign Gaston Cerneo from Mamelodi Sun Downs.


Contracting with Taher Mohamed Taher with Odeh Mohammed Sherif As a strong support that helps to allow the departure of Geraldo and the possibility of loaning Ahmed Al Sheikh, so that Hussein Al Shahat, Junior Ajay and Mahmoud Abdel Moneim remain “Kahraba”.

The next surprise in Al-Ahly may be the exit of Aliu Badji on loan after returning صلاح محسن With Marwan Mohsen, Ajay and Kahrabas abilities to play this role as well.


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