FilGoal | News | Ismail Youssef to Joule: No one contacted me to oversee the ball in Zamalek … I am the son of the club


Ismail Youssef, a member of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, who was arrested due to financial irregularities, stressed that no party had contacted him to oversee the ball at the club.

Youssef told “I have not received any communication to be supervising the ball until this hour.”

And he added, “I am a son of Zamalek and a captain of the team, and I will never leave the team.”

“I will be there as a fan and I will be supportive and supportive and always behind Zamalek.”

Amir Mortada Mansour bid farewell to Zamalek players today, Sunday, to announce his departure from his post as general supervisor of football at the club.

وعلم Amir Mortada met with Zamalek players inside the locker rooms on the sidelines of Maran today, Sunday, before informing them of his departure from his post.

The atmosphere of friendliness prevailed inside the locker rooms with demands from the players for Amir Mortada to continue with them, but in the end he told them of his departure and wished them success, according to what he knew.

Amir Mortada expressed his great happiness at being with Zamalek players as a supervisor of the ball in the last period, and asked the players to focus and achieve championships with the club.

Amir Mortada assumed the position of General Supervisor of Football in Zamalek in July 2018.

what happened?

The Ministry of Youth and Sports announced the suspension of the Board of Directors of Zamalek, and the referral of its financial violations to the Public Prosecution.

The ministry issued an official statement announcing that the financial irregularities contained in the report of the Financial and Administrative Inspection and Inspection Committee and the violations it contained in the violations were referred to the Public Prosecution Office.

The statement added: “The board of directors of the Zamalek club, its executive director and the financial director are suspended and excluded from managing the club’s affairs on a temporary basis until the conclusion of the investigations of the Public Prosecution, and the results that will result from it, or until the end of the legal period legally set for the board of directors, whichever is earlier.”

And the Directorate of Youth and Sports in Giza announced the temporary council that leads Zamalek, to succeed the Zamalek board of directors, who was suspended due to financial irregularities.

The committee includes Ahmed Bakri Mohamed Hamida, President of the Cairo Court of Appeal, Hisham Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud, President of the Cairo Court of Appeal, and Muhammad Sayed Attia Ali Ahmed, the Public Prosecution Attorney at the Court of Cassation..

Mortada Mansour’s council has been in charge of Zamalek club since 2014, after having led it between 2005 and 2006.

Mortada Mansour was reelected for a second term in 2017, a period that was expected to end in November 2021, but the suspension decision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports was earlier.

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