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Zamalek first training in Morocco before the meeting Raja

Zamalek players underwent a medical swab to detect infection with the Coronavirus today, Wednesday, before the team’s team training began.

The medical staff of Zamalek, led by Muhammad Osama, the team doctor, was keen on reassuring the condition of the players on the first day of group training after the end of the negative rest.

The Zamalek team received a negative rest for 6 days of training after defeating Moroccos Raja in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals.

Zamalek general coach Medhat Abdel Hadi held a quick technical session with the players before the start of the group training session, during which he thanked them after qualifying for the African Champions League final and asked them to focus only on winning the championship to make the club’s fans happy.

Abdel Hadi led the collective training of Zamalek, in light of Jaime Pacheco, the team’s coach, on a leave.

Zamalek’s technical staff decided to escalate the two goalkeepers of the youth team, Ahmed Nader Al-Sayed, born in 2003, and Muhammad Qandil, born in 1999, to join group training because of the presence of Muhammad Abu Jabal with the national team and Muhammad Sobhi with the Olympic team.

The duo Omar Al-Saeed and Mohamed Abdel-Shafi continued the qualifying exercises in the gymnasium on the sidelines of the group training session.

In addition to the absence of the international hexagon from the training session, Hussam Ashraf, Usama Faisal, Yassin Marei, Ahmed Eid and Hussam Abdel Majid were also absent for joining the youth team, in addition to Ashraf Bencharki and Ferjani Sassi for their presence with the teams of Morocco and Tunisia.


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