FilGoal | News | Morata: The identity of the scorers is not important .. France won the World Cup without Giroud scoring


Alvaro Morata, a Juventus player, expressed his happiness to return to Spain in the current international suspension.

“I am fine in Juventus, just as I was in Madrid. They treat me well wherever I am,” Juventus told a news conference before the Switzerland game.

Morata highlighted an important personal statistic: “This is the first or second time in my career. I play 6 games in a row almost completely. I hope to continue as well and do not suffer any injuries.”

“It is a young team that is witnessing a lot of changes. I realize that there must be some topic to talk about, but we have players who are able to score, it is only a matter of time,” Morata commented on the issue of the scoring scarcity facing La Roja.

On his return to Spain after an absence: “I am the same player, and if I score goals you will have the coach’s confidence. Luis Enrique asks me to run and believes in abilities, and for this I am here. I always look forward to my name appearing on the national team rosters.”

“I can be the team’s top scorer, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Our dream is to win a championship with Spain,” he continued.

He concluded: “We have players who can score, but if we won a title without the attackers registering, no one will remember the identity of the registrants. This happened in France with Giroud and they won the World Cup.”

Spain have only scored two goals in their last 4 matches, and neither has been signed by an outspoken striker.

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