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Jose Mourinho, coach of Tottenham Hotspur, opened fire on England coach Gareth Southgate.

Mourinho is preparing to face Manchester City, who is coached by arch-rivals Pep Guardiola, on Saturday in the English Premier League.

Mourinho said at the previous press conference for the meeting: “I do not want to spend a lot of time talking about the issue of the English national team, and therefore I will try to summarize in my answer everything that I think is important to me.”

He added, “I have read that Gareth Southgate said that some club coaches put pressure on players not to play in the England national team, and for this reason he sometimes feels the need to call these coaches to calm them down and control the difficult situation he faces.”

He continued: “I ask him to mention the names of these coaches, I ask him to identify the coaches who put pressure on the players not to join the national team, and I also ask him to reveal the identity of the coaches he spoke to by phone.”

He continued: “Apart from all that, he has the right and the authority to summon the players he wants. He wants to win matches, especially after suffering a defeat, even if the next match is a foregone conclusion, I sympathize with that.”

“And of course we all know that Sterling will play against us tomorrow. While Eric Dyer left the national camp, injured last month, and that cost him two games missing and needed two weeks to recover. Raheem will play tomorrow. These are the subtle details that I ask Southgate to explain to us.”

And he stressed: “I support him of course in the matter that the England national team, the country of England and the Three Lions jersey should be respected, and that he should choose the players he wants.”

Mourinho is angry that Dyer and Harry Kane mainly participated in the Icelandic match in the last round of the European Nations League last Wednesday, despite England’s bid farewell to the competitions before it already, in exchange for Raheem Sterling’s departure from the Three Lions camp early.

Mourinho explained that the duo Stephen Bergvin and Son Hyung Kin are ready for the match: “Bergvin is completely ready, as for Son, his sample has appeared negative twice, and therefore he is also available.”

Mourinho touched on another controversial issue related to the number of changes: “I understand the different viewpoints regarding the number of changes, but I am fine with three changes. Most of the time I use the 3 changes, and if I have the ability to make a fourth and fifth change it will be better, but this does not mean either. I will necessarily use the fourth and fifth change. ”

He added, “Some clubs believe that with having a strong list, this will allow them to make 5 changes, but sometimes these clubs that have strong lists only make one change. The matter is subject to several opinions, and I will accept any decision.”

And about the fact that the outcome of the City match will determine the course of the competition for the title, he replied: “The result of the Manchester City match will not change anything, it is only 3 points. Our ambition, our project and our journey will not change regardless of our position.”

He also commented on Pep Guardiolas renewal of his contract with Manchester City: “The sure thing is that no one aimed a gun at Pep’s head to force him to sign the contract. If he renews his contract, he is happy with this decision.”

He turned to talking about his situation in Tottenham a year after he took over the task: “I think that clubs never reach what they want. We are the coaches in constant search for the impossible and the perfection as it is in my case, but we are far from perfect now.”

He concluded: “For example, our competitor tomorrow won the English Premier League or nearly won it or competed strongly for it throughout the last ten seasons, and most likely they did not reach fullness and want more.”

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