FilGoal | News | Mujahid: Abu Raida did not run for the presidency of CAF because of Fifas belief that he was far from the scene and lost his strength


Ahmed Mujahid, a former member of the Egyptian Football Association, said that matters in the Egyptian Federation were not stable in front of the African and International Football Associations, which caused Hani Abu Raida not to run for the presidency of KAF and to keep him away from the scene.

Mujahid said on the “Stadium 9090” program, saying: “Things appeared in the Football Association unstable before the Confederations of African and International Football, in the presence of a temporary committee to take over the task after the resignation of the previous council as soon as the team left the Nations Cup last year.”

He continued, “It was assumed that the deadline of this committee would expire last July, and new elections would be held in November, but with the suspension of several bodies such as the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports to hold the new elections, it seemed to FIFA and CAF that Hani Abu Raida is far from the scene and lost his power and control over the course of affairs in Egypt, so his chances of running diminished. ”

He continued, “In one of the African Union meetings, the idea of ​​establishing a CAF Congress was raised in Egypt, but one of the prominent officials in CAF responded that how can a Congress be established in Egypt and it does not have a football federation?”

He continued, “The CAF regulation does not require the presence of Hani Abu Rida as president of the Football Association in Egypt, but he seemed far from the scene, which weakens his chances in the competition.”

He concluded, “I previously stated that if Abu Raida does not return to the presidency of the Football Association, he will not run for the presidency of CAF.”

So far, the incumbent President Ahmed Ahmed, the Ivorian Jacques Anoma, the South African Patrice Mutsibi and the Mauritanian Ahmed Ould Yahya have run for the presidency of CAF.

The BBC carried bad news for Ahmed Ahmed, the current president of CAF, as Malagasy is about to be punished by the FIFA ethics committee by banning him from any football-related activity. (See details)

Hani Abu Raida, a member of the Executive Office of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and the Supreme Council of its international counterpart, FIFA, announced that he did not intend to run in the first presidential elections. (See details)

Abu Raida has been in the executive office of CAF since 2004 and the FIFA Supreme Council since 2009.

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