FilGoal | News | News in the Joule – Ismaily requires that the Brazilian playmaker be tested before contracting him


Ismaily’s management required that Brazilian playmaker Patrick Vieira undergo a test in a friendly match before concluding his contract.

Science From a source inside Ismaily, the club’s management stipulated the participation of Brazilian Patrick Vieira in a friendly meeting before completing his contract.

A source from the Ismaili Administration “There is a desire to make sure of all the elements that will be recorded, so that all of them benefit from a desire to change the performance and results of the team.”

The Brazilian player, who arrived in Ismailia, had participated in the training, but some suggested participating in a friendly match as a last step before contracting him.

Patrick Vieira, the Brazilian playmaker, was nominated by the Brazilian coach Ricardo, the team’s coach, which he sees will benefit the team with its technical and physical capabilities.

Al-Ismaily had completed the contract with Ari Babel, the Angolan winger from Al-Taawon Club, Ahmed Mostafa Jinnah, Belgium, and Radwan Cherifi, the Algerian left-back from USMCA.


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