FilGoal | News | News in the Joule – Negativity Hazem Imam’s second smear .. and a special program to strengthen the anterior


Hazem Imam, right-back Zamalek, is fully ready for the African Champions League final after it was confirmed that he had recovered from the Corona virus.

وعلم That Hazem Imam underwent a new swab for the Corona virus today, Saturday, and it came negative.

Hazem Imam underwent a second smear to ensure that he had recovered, after his first sample was also negative, and to ensure that the swab was 100% safe.

The player will participate in the Zamalek group training, starting tomorrow, Sunday evening, after today’s match against Masr Club in the Egypt Cup.

On the other hand, the 32-year-old will undergo an intensive rehabilitation program to prepare him physically, and to compensate for the period of absence from training due to Corona.

The player will also undergo strengthening exercises for the anterior muscle, which has just returned from an injury.

Zamalek is preparing to face Al-Ahly on November 27 in the African Champions League final.


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