FilGoal | News | News in the Joule – The Five-Year Committee sets the date for the General Assembly to approve the regulations


The Five-Year Committee of the Football Association has set a date for the general assembly to approve the new regulations, which will be on November 29. learned that the five-year committee has already decided the penultimate day of its temporary mission in managing the Football Association for the holding of the General Assembly.

The International Federation of Football Association sent a new letter to the Football Association last Friday, to stress the need for commitment to hold a general assembly to approve the draft new regulations of the federation.

FIFA’s speech did not indicate a specific date for holding the FIFA elections, in contrast to the letter sent by FIFA in this regard two months ago, which demanded that elections be held before the end of November.

The five-year committee, led by Amr Al-Ganayni, has run the Football Association since August before last, and it was extended to expire at the end of this month.

One of the most important provisions of the decision to appoint the committee by FIFA at the time, after the resignation of the Hani Abu Raida Council, was the approval of a new bylaw for the federation.


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