FilGoal | News | Night of Champions – Solskjaer Conference: Roy Kane’s job is to express opinions … and United needs to be consistent


Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not respond to the criticism of Roy Keane, his former captain and current analyst for the English “Sky Sports” network.

Speaking at a press conference today, Solskjaer only said: “Well, Roy is always frank. I am pleased with the players that I own. We have two different jobs, and his job is to express his opinion.”

On whether United can win the Champions League, Solskjaer replied, “We do not concern ourselves with anything but continue to work and reach stability, and we can defeat anyone.”

He continued, “It is good to have options in the formation. We have a style that we want to play with. Sometimes it appears on paper 4-4-2 and 4-3-3. The principles are the same, for us when we have three in defense as we start with four.”

Asked about Paul Pogbas comment that he could not catch his breath in the last Arsenal meeting, Solskjaer said: “Paul knows what is happening and he could have dealt better, and this is football is a fast paced game.”

Pogba caused Arsenal to get the penalty kick from which the gunners’ only goal came to defeat United at Old Trafford in a victory that was the first for the London team at the Dream Theater since 2006 in the league.

And Solskjaer added, “All the players felt upset after the defeat, we want stability on the level, and Pogba had a difficult period due to injury and then stopped football activity due to the Corona virus, but I think we saw some positive things from him.”

The Norwegian coach concluded, saying: “We work every day to give our fans a reason to celebrate.”

On Wednesday, United will travel to Istanbul, Basaksehir, for their match in the third round of the Champions League for Group H, which is led by the Red Devils.


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