FilGoal | News | Shawky Gharib: I allocated kofta sandwiches to Ammar Hamdi before the Brazil match


Shawky Gharib, the Olympic coach, revealed the scenes of a comedic and exciting situation that he brought together with player Ammar Hamdi before the Brazil match last Tuesday.

Gharib said on the radio program (One To), “I set the lunch date at 4 pm, while the meeting was at 9 pm, and when I informed the players about this, Ammar Hamdi objected and said I will not be able to stay 5 hours without eating.”

The Olympic coach added, “I told Ammar that I would allow him to eat again at 6 oclock, and indeed we assigned kofta sandwiches to him, and I also informed him when we reach the stadium at half past seven he will find some fruit that he can eat.”

Shawky Gharib continued, “I do not object to Ammar Hamdi’s extravagance in eating, especially since his body is small and thin and cannot be increased. I totally refuse any food intake in the evening after 11 oclock.”

He pointed out, “I consulted with a nutritionist about Ammar Hamdi’s condition, and he asked to do some analyzes for the player, but he advised not to prevent him from eating, because the matter may have psychological causes, and his level on the field may be affected.”

He noted, “I deal with Ammar Hamdi as a player who needs to raise his physical levels with additional training.”

“Ammar is a good and frank player, and his tongue speaks what is in his heart, and I do not like to be sad, especially as he moves constantly on the stadium and burns what he eats,” the Olympic coach said.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian national team beat Brazil with two goals to a friendly goal. A match in which Ammar Hamdi mainly participated.


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