FilGoal | News | Shelton: Maradona put salt on the wound with the aim of “The Hand of God”


Peter Shelton, the legendary former England goalkeeper, assured that his team-mates at the 1986 World Cup still had difficult memories of Diego Maradonas goal.

Maradona, 60, died on Wednesday, after suffering a heart attack at his home, after undergoing a brain surgery two weeks ago.

Maradona scored a goal with his hand against Chilton, before returning minutes later and scoring a goal in which most of the England players dodged from the middle of the stadium to exclude the English from the World Cup in Mexico.

“He is one of the best players of all time,” Shelton told Sky Sports, “he won the World Cup for Argentina.”

“We (England 86 members) are in pain because he did not show any sportsmanship.”

“You may cheat or make mistakes. Raise your hand (and record) and continue without problem,” he added.

“I do not think that the philosophy in some countries is like the one we have,” he continued.

“The goal always left a bitter taste, but now it has disappeared. He (Maradona) is gone and we have to celebrate how great he is.”

Shelton recalled the scenes of the goal and what went on before Maradona reached the ball with his hand, and said: “He was almost an offside, but Steve Hodge covered him, and here I thought (Should I go out of my goal or give preference to one of the best players in the world?)”.

“I think Maradona said he raised his hand because I was close to the ball. He was smart, so he clicked the ball and jumped his head at the same time. I looked for the referee to blow his whistle, but the rest is history.”

He concluded, “I did not expect that Maradona would go to the referee and tell him that I touched the ball with my hand, but after the match he spoke about the goal and described it as (the hand of God) and he did not apologize. He put salt on the wound.”

Shelton has participated in 125 matches for the England national team.


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