FilGoal | News | What awaits Al-Ahly in the Club World Cup … Know when and the potential competitors


Al-Ahly qualified for the Club World Cup after an absence of 7 years, After winning the African Champions League title at the expense of Zamalek.

Al-Ahly, who previously played in the World Cup in Japan and Morocco, will play on Qatar for the first time.

The 2020 edition is scheduled to take place next year. Specifically, between February 1 and 11After it was postponed from its original date in November.

This will be the last copy to be held System of seven teams The usual, as it will turn into 24 teams and play in China.

And Al-Ahly became Fourth finalists To the World Cup clubs after Bayern Munich represents Europe, Auckland City represents Oceania, and Al Duhail represents Qatar, the host country..

The opening match will take place between Al Duhail and Auckland City on February 1, with the winner crossing into the quarter-finals.

Al-Ahly will start its quarter-final campaign as usual, to face the winner from Al-Duhail or Auckland City, the Asian champion or the North American champion, according to the decision of the draw, and if he wins, he will face Bayern Munich or the South American champion.

Bayern Munich will enter the tournament in the semi-finals, and the same applies to the Copa Libertadores champions.

The Copa Libertadores champion has not yet been decided, as the tournament reached the round of 16 in which it played the first round.

The North American champion, whose competition reached the quarter-finals stage, was also not decided by the presence of 3 American teams, the same Mexican team, a Canadian team and another from Honduras.

Finally, the Asian continent is witnessing these days the group stage competitions for the eastern section, after Iran’s Persepolis reached the final as a representative of the western division.

The tournament was threatened with cancellation this year due to the Corona pandemic, before it was finally postponed to next February.


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