Find out about the official date for announcing the results of the first phase of the parliamentary elections


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The National Elections Authority headed by Counselor Lashin Ibrahim, Vice President of the Court of Cassation, is preparing to announce the final results of the run-off in the House of Representatives elections, in which the voting activities were held during November 21, 22 and 23 abroad, and on November 23 and 24 inside.

According to the schedule, the National Elections Authority announces the results of the first phase replay on November 30, as the first phase includes 142 individual seats, of which 32 seats have been deducted from the first round in the governorates of Giza, Fayoum, the Red Sea and Alexandria, and the seat of Dermawas Center in Minya Governorate is still postponed for a later time. After judicial appeals that delayed holding elections against him in the first round, the National List for Egypt also won the list seats in the northern, central and southern Upper Egypt sectors, and the second in the East Delta, with 142 seats allocated to them.

After the voting and counting of the run-off round, the first stage remains one step until its final conclusion, which is the announcement of the result, as 109 candidates will be declared winning the remaining seats out of 142 allocated to the individual system at that stage.

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