Firmino: There is no personal fight between me and Diogo Jota


Brazilian Roberto Firmino, the Liverpool striker, has denied that he is fighting any personal battle with Diogo Jota, who has moved from Wolverhampton.

It is clear that the two are competing for the Liverpool attack, as Jota tries to put pressure on Firmino, and prove his place alongside Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah in three Liverpool strikers.

According to English reports published by the “Daily Mail” newspaper, the Brazilian Firmino denied the existence of Jota as his personal competitor, stressing that Diogo is an excellent footballer and another teammate and will go from strength to strength.

“Liverpool have a great team of players, so getting a place in the squad from the start of the match is not easy at all, and I’m used to that,” Firmino said.

“We are working hard during the week and then the coach decides who will participate in the match, so I don’t have any personal battle with Jota,” he added.

And he continued: “Liverpool’s attack line is amazing, and I can say that it can be compared to any line of attack in the world, in any of the major tournaments.”

The 23-year-old made a great start in his career with Liverpool since his £ 41 million transfer from Wolverhampton during the summer transfer period, and he managed to score seven goals in 11 matches, scoring Jota in the Champions League in four matches for Liverpool before a draw with City. Including his hat-trick against Atalanta.


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