Five “fatal” mistakes that hinder the disposal of the rumen


According to the “TrifectaNotration” website, which specializes in nutrition And sports, the failure to decrease the size of the rumen results from 5 mistakes that those who accept exercise and diet make in order to improve fitness.

Among the common mistakes that the person who complains about not eliminating the rumen, believes that he is following a strict diet, while he is still consuming more calories than he needs.

And someone who wants to lose weight needs to eat Calories Less than the body needs in one day, because excess energy is what turns into fat.

To get rid of this problem, experts advise trying to measure what we eat, in order to adjust the number of calories as much as possible, and this accuracy is required in order to obtain better results.

It includes some of the meals and foods that we buy from the market as an indication of the fat they containcarbohydrate And general nutritional value, and there are smart applications that help in this matter.

As for The second mistake Most likely it is that the person who does not get rid of the rumen easily does not exercise as required or sufficient in the club, and therefore, he must change the “strategy”, accepting more about what is known as resistance exercises in which the body is forced to endure, in addition to the completion of physical exercises Intermittent every now and then.

Experts say that going to the club to order Playing sports It is not a goal in itself, because the lesson in the end is how much effort we put in, the amount of calories we can burn or the strength that we gain, and whether we can in the next class monitor a greater ability to carry weights or endurance.

And in A third mistakeSome practitioners are obligated to eat less food, as part of their diet, but they forget that it is not only a matter of quantity but of quality as well, because a person who eats one meal a day of a “burger” with cheese harms his fitness, because it extends his body Mostly calories from FatsInstead of supplying his body with the proteins we need to build muscle.

And if a person is a heavy drinker, he falls into Fourth mistakeBecause the body gives the metabolism system or “metapolism” in our body is busy getting rid of the toxins that entered it, and then, the calories that we got through food find enough time to store themselves and turn into fat.

As for stress, it is Fifth mistake The rumen is likely not to lose, because it leads to a significant increase in the hormone adrenaline, which increases the heart rate and the rate of breathing, and helps to secrete stores of glucose and fats, in order to supply the body with energy, immediately.

But once the hormone andrenaline is reduced, the body releases the hormone cortisol, which increases appetite and stimulates muscle breakdown in order to produce energy.

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