For 7 million rupees … A doctor buys Aladdin’s lamp and a surprise after scratching it … Pictures


Who among us has not dreamed of the “Aladdin magic” lamp, to use it to fulfill all his wishes and desires whenever he scratches the lamp with his hand, despite the fact that the first wish that may come to the mind of many to ask the genie is to obtain millions of money.

However, an Indian doctor decided to pay 7 million rupees in order to buy only the lamp and invoke a fake genie, in a major fraud that was stopped by the Indian police.

Police have arrested two scammers who allegedly tricked a doctor into purchasing Aladdin’s lamp for 7 million rupees, and came to the point that they conjured up a fake genie.

Doctor “Lake Khan” approached the police Indian In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh with a communique after realizing that the lamp does not have any magical powers.

“The cheaters made a deal for much more than that, but the doctor only paid about 7 million rupees,” said a senior officer, Amit Ray.

He confirmed that the police managed to arrest the men and arrest them on Thursday the past And put them down In pretrial detention before charges are brought against them.

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