For a man .. your guide to buying the perfect electric shaver (prices and brands)


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During recent years, sales of hair and beard shavers have increased, for health reasons, and perhaps because it is a routine that saves time and money.

Some men go to buy electric razors and take them to the salon, for fear of transmission due to the use of the same tools for more than one person. Corona virus and the conditions for home isolation also contributed to another routine for men, so even those who prefer salons for the desire to be pampered, they have no choice now but to learn the skills of shaving and hair-cutting, and from here electrical machines have become a necessity.

There are many shapes and types of razors available in the market. To compare them and choose the best one, the Main Journal website put standards, the most important of which are: Is the machine wired or not? The site says that choosing the appropriate according to this criterion depends on what the man needs, as the cyclone types are characterized by strength compared to the eskala, but it is difficult to use them in a place far from a source of electricity, unlike the wireless types that can be carried anywhere, provided that you pay attention to charging the batteries first, and here The site notes the importance of reading the battery capacity in terms of charging time and average usage.

The second criterion is the number of combs attached to the machine. Some types come with a number of combs of different lengths, and their use requires changing the machine head every time. There are other types that are equipped with built-in combs whose length is changed by pressing the buttons. The latter type is the most expensive, but it is easy to carry anywhere without attached tools that could lose them.

Some machines are also equipped with a technology that siphons out the falling hair, which ensures the cleanliness of the place where you are shaving, of course, this feature will add to the value of the machine, and then to its price, also for more safety, you can buy a waterproof machine, which ensures that it remains without damage if it falls into the water.

If you are already planning to purchase an electric shaver or beard trimmer, then you should take into account the previous criteria. In terms of price and highest selling in the market, the numbers of the American Amazon site, the first shopping site in the world, indicate that the highest price for a shaver equipped with a hair suction feature with a number of combs gives you many options and unique accuracy, the price of which reaches $ 1,127,000 Equivalent to 17.65 thousand Egyptian pounds, and the lowest price is a machine equipped with three combs and limited features, and its price reaches 8 US dollars, or 125 Egyptian pounds.

As for the highest-selling hair and beard trimmers on the most famous shopping site in the world, Amazon, it is a machine produced by Philips International, nominated by more than 38,000 users, and its price in Egyptian pounds reaches 328 pounds.

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