For the first time, global health talks about “getting rid of Corona” soon


The director of WHO’s emergency programs, Mike Ryan, expects the world to return to normal next year with the advent of anti-virus vaccines Corona.

The global health official said that these vaccines, in addition to the current measures, will enable avoiding closure and achieve effective control of the disease.

“Strange” comments on World Organization That lasted for months, issuing nothing but pessimistic warnings and news, strengthening the wave of hope that salvation was imminent Virus During the coming months, the world currently prevails, after the announcement of vaccines, with efficacy exceeding 90 percent.

Many countries rushed to develop plans to benefit from vaccines as soon as possible, he said The American President Donald Trump That Handing Over Coronavirus vaccine It will start next week.

و .كد Trump Frontline workers, medical workers and the elderly will be the first to benefit from the vaccine, while the next group is expected to include workers in basic fields and jobs that cannot be accomplished from home.

Amid this optimism, competition is intensifying among vaccine producers, she announced Russia An agreement with India aims to produce more than 100 million doses of the Russian vaccine annually Sputnik Anti-corona virus.

The Indian group Heiteru will work under the agreement to produce more than 100 million doses of the vaccine inside India annually.

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