France attacks Pakistani Minister who likened Macron’s attack on Muslims to “Nazism”


France attacked a Pakistani minister for her criticism of French President Emmanuel Macron and the campaign he is leading against Muslims, which she described as resembling the actions of “Nazism with the Jews.”

Paris condemned the statements of the Pakistani minister, describing them as “abhorrent and false.”

“A member of the Pakistani government today launched extremely shocking and insulting phrases against the president of the republic and our country,” a spokeswoman for the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement, describing these statements as “abhorrent” and as “shameless lies imprinted with an ideology of hatred and violence.”

Earlier, Pakistani Human Rights Minister Shirin Mazari wrote in a tweet that “Macron does to Muslims what the Nazis used to attach to Jews,” saying that Muslim children had identification numbers “just as Jews were forced to put a yellow star on their clothes in order to identify them.” This was officially denied by the French government.

“Pakistan must correct these statements and return to the path of dialogue based on respect,” the French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman emphasized.

Pakistan has been witnessing protests since September in response to Macron’s statements, an attack on Islam, and after the publication of the satirical weekly “Charlie Hebdo” magazine, insulting to the Prophet Muhammad.

The crisis was exacerbated after Macron confirmed his country’s adherence to what he claimed was “freedom of expression” in disseminating insulting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, and placing offensive drawings on the facades of major buildings in various French cities.

And Pakistan lodged a complaint with France about what it called “a systematic campaign against Islam” in the European country.
Prime Minister Imran Khan accused the French president of attacking the Islamic faith, and urged Muslim countries to work together to confront what he called the increasing repression in Europe.

Tens of thousands of people gathered Saturday in Lahore (eastern Pakistan) for the funeral of the founder of the Islamic movement “Labbaik Pakistan”, whose speech sparked anger against France in recent weeks in Pakistan over the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

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