Full details of the events of the series Aroos Beirut, Episode 36, Season 2, Khalil, shocked Naya with the divorce


Many audiences in the Arab world and the Middle East follow the events of the series Bride of Beirut Episode 36 Season Two with great passion to learn about the traumatic events in Episode 36 of the series Bride of Beirut, Part Two, which is constantly developing and in each episode, after the increase in the dispute between Leila and her son Hadi, which seems to be Dissatisfied with her relationship with lawyer Adel, who decided to leave the house amidst astonishment for the family members.

Bride of Beirut, episode 36, part 2

Hadi prepared and prepared his belongings and his belongings and while he was preparing to leave the house, he told them that there were things he was absent from, and the main reason is not his anger at his mother’s relationship with lawyer Adel, but he prefers to be alone for a while and Faris tries to convince him not to leave the house, but he refuses in the end.

In a later scene in the series Aroos Beirut, episode 36, Part Two, while Soraya, Faris, Wadham and Sarah are sitting in a restaurant, Adam is surprised by the occurrence of a lighter from Faress pocket, then Adam tells Fares that from a while he searches for this lighter and that it returns to his father, then looks and then Hady looks at the lighter and tells him She also returns to his father and she has been with them for a long time. They meet this response in silence, and then Raya talks about several things, including my aunt Dalia pregnant and she is happy with Talal.

The divorce of Naya and Khalil in Episode 36, Bride of Beirut

And Naya was surprised that Khalil informed her of a shocking news and in episode 36 of the series Bride of Beirut Season 2 that he wanted to separate from her. She did not think at first as a joke, but after she looked at his features, she looked at his grandfather’s words and burst into tears.

And after the end of his stay in the restaurant, Fares told Thuraya, while they were riding in the car, that the lighter that he had was next to the hut after the fire, so that Soraya would respond to him and say, “Do you doubt that Adam was the cause of the fire in the hut?” Fares responds to it and says it is possible that he set the fire or his mother.


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