Get to know the new president of Zamalek to succeed Murtada Mansour


The Ministry of Youth and Sports appointed a temporary committee to manage the affairs of the Azmalek Club, following the decision issued to dissolve the White Castle Board of Directors, and to refer financial violations to the Public Prosecution.

Press reports revealed the names of the temporary committee that will manage the White Castle to succeed the dissolved council, and it consists of Counselor Ahmed Bakri Muhammad Hamida, President of the Court of Appeal as President of Zamalek, succeeding Counselor Mortada Mansour, Adviser Hisham Ibrahim Mohamed Mahmoud, President of the Cairo Court of Appeal, and Adviser Mohamed Sayed Attia the lawyer The first year, provided that the committee selects an executive director and a financial director.

The statement of the Ministry of Sports issued by it stipulated that the financial violations contained in the report of the Administrative and Financial Examination and Inspection Committee, and the violations it contained, were referred to the Public Prosecution Office.

The Zamalek Board of Directors and the Financial and Executive Director were suspended and excluded from the White Castle Affairs Department until the completion of the investigations and their results.

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