Ghada Abdel Razek reveals the truth about her disagreement with “Elham Shaheen” – Newspaper Norte


The artist revealed. Ghada Abdel Razek In her statements on the radio program “Rasayel” about the truth about what has been circulated recently about the continuing differences between her and the artist. Ilham Shaheen ” .

I confirmed Ghada Abdel Razek That these differences passed by a long time and ended in the present time, and that she loves them on the practical and personal levels.

It is reported that a dispute had occurred between Ghada Abdel Razek AndIlham Shaheen After the latter deleted the scenes of Ghada from the movie “Fawzia Mixture”, which she produced and co-starred in.

وتحضر Ghada Abdel Razek Currently, for her new Ramadan series, titled “Meat Gazelle”, produced by Sadiq Al-Sabah, she is preparing to start filming in the coming days.


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