Global Health praises an anti-Corona vaccine that is stored in a regular refrigerator – Covid-19


The chief scientist of the World Health Organization, Somaya Swaminathan, praised the “tremendous logistical progress” with a candidate vaccine for COVID-19 being developed by the Swedish-British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

Swaminathan noted that the vaccine – for which AstraZeneca published preliminary results, can be stored in a “regular refrigerator” and remain stable at temperatures from 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

This will enhance access to Corona virus vaccines for many countries, in which it is difficult to ensure the existence of cold chains, which are required for vaccines developed by Moderina and Pfizer.

The Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization in charge of access to vaccines and health products, Mariangela Simao, told a press conference next to Swaminathan that senior WHO officials are looking forward to obtaining more data from AstraZeneca in the coming days.

Simao added that the World Health Organization expects to complete the evaluation of its vaccine “at the beginning of next year,” which may lead to the vaccine being published.


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