Good complexion .. The recovery of Ibrahim Fayek and his return to the third audience program


The journalist Ibrahim Fayek published a statement on his personal and official page on the social networking site Twitter, through which he announced his recovery from the health ailments he suffered during the last period and subsequently entered the hospital.

The recovery of journalist Ibrahim Fayek from the pulmonary stroke that he suffered during the last period:

The journalist Ibrahim Fayeq wrote in the post and said, on the blessing of God, tomorrow, Wednesday, to reappear again through the audience program, on the Ontime Sport 2 screen, I don’t have words.

The journalist Ibrahim Fayek added, “Our Lord saved me thanks to your invitations, and literally, I discovered that you are the journey, the treasure, and the honor that you protect in. May God save you for me. On the other hand, the journalist Muhammad Al-Desouki Rushdie revealed the developments in Fayek’s health condition.

This came after he was transferred to intensive care due to his lung stroke, while journalist Muhammad al-Desouki Rushdie wrote and said: Praise be to God Ibrahim Fayek is fine and his health has remained better and he is out of the care unit and he has taken a lesson on health.

And he continued his words in the post that he published on his personal account on the social networking site Facebook and said your prayers, why are you completely cured, God, what deprives us of your laughter, oh monster, here are the days for us, Lord, and we never see a monster in our loved ones and our people.


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