Goodbye, if there was a rest of life … The artist Ahmed Sadiq bid farewell to his fans before a major surgery


Artist Ahmed Sadiq announced, through his Facebook account, that he had undergone heart surgery, after suffering a health crisis during the last period.

And Ahmed Sadiq wrote، He said: “In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful ، Trust us in God، And with God and His Messenger، Open heart surgery، And change 4 arteries ،I invite you to the meeting, if you are old enough. “

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Sadiq played the role of “Ali Al-Maghazi” in the series “Souk Al-Asr”, which was shown in 2011, and achieved wide fame through this series, starring the late Mahmoud Yassin, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Hadi Al-Jiyar, Nihal Anbar and Ahmed Saeed Abdul-Ghani.

Sadiq began his artistic career with a role in the series “Welcome to the Population” 1984, then pursued his successful television career in many series, including “Layali al-Helmiyya” 1988, “Halawani Gate” 1992, “Ahalina” 1996, “People in Kafr Askar,” Kafr Askar 2003 “The Big Power” 2013.

His artistic career included his participation in two films “The Scream” in 1991, “Al-Fagoumi” in 2011 and “Souk Al-Asr” in 2001.


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