Google launches a new update for its map service dedicated to the Corona virus … know what it is


The American company “Google” announced the launch of a new update for its famous “Google Maps” application, which is closely related to the emerging corona virus that causes “Covid 19”And, the “GSM Arena” technical website, which specializes in the development of “Google Maps”, contains new features that can help you navigate a world affected by the “Covid 19” pandemic.“.

“Google Maps” provides a set of additional information related to “Covid 19” and useful information about local guidelines, restrictions imposed, and testing sites for Coronavirus in the surrounding places..

The update of “Google Maps” includes the possibility of using public transport, which needs to be taken care of social distancing, and provides information about the congestion rate available in the maps, and through “Google Maps” can preview the voice control features, which can be enabled by the new driving mode for the assistant. Google “is smart in maps, but this technology is limited to English-speaking users and within the United States only.

Google Maps can also help you if you are hungry, but you do not want to cook, and you can use it to order food delivery to your home in the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Brazil and India, and you will see through Google Maps the estimated delivery times before ordering, and you will be able to track delivery in Actual time.

Also, once dining is safe again, you will be able to check your reservation status directly from the maps (this feature is supported in 70 countries)..


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