Hala Sedky warns her friends from Hurghada Road: Our Lord has saved us


The artist, Hala Sidqi, published a picture of her through her personal account on “Instagram”, commenting, saying: “Good evening, thank God, we miraculously saved us from the road, just the time difference, thank God.”

The Meteorological Authority issued a statement warning the stars returning in their cars from El Gouna about bad weather and the possibility of torrents that might lead to the closure of some roads.

The great artist, Hala Sedky, had attended the red carpet at the end of the fourth edition of the El Gouna Film Festival, and joked the photographers, saying: “I know if you would see me as a betrayal.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Hala Sedky shared her audience through her account on the “Instagram” website, a picture with a constellation of stars, namely Hussein Fahmy, Yusra, Ilham Shaheen, Belba, Boussa, and the media, Bossi Shalaby, and Hala wrote on the picture, saying: “The best company of my colleagues is ten years old and my love.”

The star Yusra appeared in the photo published by Hala Sidky, with a frowning face, unlike everyone who smiles. A number of followers entered and asked why Yusra was angry and upset. One of the followers wrote Yusra upset at him, for Hala Sadiqi answered her, saying: “I am not upset at all”, and wrote another follow-up as if She was forced to the picture, to explain Hala, saying: “No, not at all, but the picture is less than a moment, so it is possible to express it differently.” Yusra and Hala Sidqi recently appeared at the wedding of Amir Shaheen, brother of the star Ilham Shaheen, who was attended by a group of art stars, about three weeks later. The engagement ceremony in the presence of a large number of their friends from inside and outside the artistic community.

And the artist, Hala Sedky, is one of the most active artists on social media during the recent period, specifically through her official account on the Instagram site, as she used to interact with her followers from time to time by sharing her photos and videos of how she enjoyed her vacation.

Hala Sedky
Hala Sedky


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