Halima Boland in a coma, let her go – Al-Bashayer Newspaper


Kuwaiti accounts spread news of Halima Boland being subjected to a death coma. And she asked her fans to pray for her.

Through her Snapchat account, the Kuwaiti media and controversial social media star, Halima Boland, revealed that she almost died in a private clinic after undergoing an overdose of anesthesia.

And Poland wrote: “Praise be to God, I lived for the time being, today I saw death with my eyes, I swear by God,” confirming that she felt death due to an overdose of anesthesia, and added: “I witnessed witness, read the Qur’an and rode oxygen, and praise be to God, I performed safety, and prayed 100 rak’ahs, thank you now.”

Halima Boland advised all her followers to take caution and beware of anesthesia in private clinics because of the experience she went through.

It is noteworthy that the controversial Halima Boland had been accused in Kuwait of the money laundering case that had ravaged social media stars.


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