Hanan Al-Barasi: A widespread wave of anger after the assassination of the Libyan activist and lawyer in Benghazi


The Libyan and human rights circles were shocked by the news of the killing of the prominent lawyer and activist Hanan Al-Barasi, who was shot dead in broad daylight on Tuesday, in one of the largest streets in the city of Benghazi, in eastern Libya.

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Libyan activist and lawyer Hanan Mohammed Al-Barasi

Al-Barassi, who was 46, was known for her boldness and her frank and sharp criticism of the violations committed by the militias in her city, as well as her support for women’s issues and her constant talk about the attacks against women in eastern Libya.

Shortly before the killing, Al-Barasi had broadcast a live video clip on her Facebook page, in which she criticized armed groups close to the military commander, Khalifa Haftar.

She also mentioned that she is “threatened” and told the stories of women who were attacked, and called on the authorities to hold those involved accountable.

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