Hassan Al-Raddad admits to his addiction to Tarif video


The artist, Hassan Al-Raddad, surprised his fans by revealing his recent addiction to drinking soft drinks in a comic manner. He published a funny video clip of him through his account on “Instagram”, through which he reveals his intense love for a soft drink.

And he appeared in the video while he was inside a major store, playing the role of an addict, as he appeared shivering like an addict in an attempt to quickly open one of the soft water cans to drink from it, and calm down immediately as soon as he drinks it, amid the laughter of his friends.

It is noteworthy that Hassan Al-Raddad is currently showing in cinemas the movie “My Spiritual Twin” starring Amina Khalil, Aisha Bin Ahmed and the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, written by Amani Al-Tunisi, produced by Ahmed Al-Sabki and directed by Othman Abu Laban.

On the other hand, artist Hassan Al-Raddad denied in more than one forum and on the occasion of the rumors of his separation from his wife, actress Amy Samir Ghanem, which have spread widely during the last period, but the presence of Amy with him in the special screening of his movie “My Soulmate” denied all the rumors about the separation.


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