Health experts are calling for strict measures to stop the second wave


CANADA NEWS – After health officials recorded more than 20,000 new cases of corona across Canada this week, a health expert called on governments to stop “kindly requesting” and impose sanitary measures.

“I think we need to turn to law enforcement officers, to enforce the rules and restrictions more than ever,” Dr. Abdo Sharkawy, an infectious disease specialist, told CTV News.
“The time to request the implementation of health measures gently has ended,” he added. “There are many lives that have already been lost, and so many lives that are about to be lost.”
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday that all Canadians must do their part and that the job of the federal government is to support the heads of government of provinces and territories as they make decisions.

“We all have to be vigilant at every moment of our daily life,” Trudeau said.

“We want to end this pandemic, but it is not over yet,” Trudeau added.
Infectious disease expert Isaac Bogush said it was unclear whether the federal government should have taken a pragmatic approach to the provinces rather than a supportive one, but the massive money the Trudeau government has spent since the start of the pandemic cannot be denied.
“The provinces have to provide health care to Canadians, and action must be taken soon or the health situation will be catastrophic,” CMA President Anne Collins told CTV News.
As for lockdown measures, Bogoch believes there is no need for such a decision to be made legal at the federal or provincial level, and instead Canadians should be able to act of their own volition.
“We must be responsible for our safety, our families and our communities,” he said.


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