Her promise to take out the elves … A charlatan lures a lady into frying


12:39 PM

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Qalyubia – Osama Alaa El-Din:

Today, Wednesday, the security services in Qalyubia arrested a “charlatan”, a housewife in one of the villages of Benha accused him of trying to sexually assault her, under the pretext of removing the jinn from her body, so that she could get pregnant from her husband, and he asked her to meet him with 3 thousand pounds, which he gets before having sex with her To take out the jinn.

The warden of the Benha Police Station received a notification from a housewife, that she had met a “charlatan”, through a woman, who told her that “Sheikh Hilal” would help her solve the problem of her inability to conceive.

The complainant added that she was married for a long time, during which she went to many doctors, who confirmed that she does not suffer from any diseases that prevent her from conceiving, until she met a woman who showed her an imposter, after she convinced her that she was working for her “magic”.

She added in her statements that she went to him, and he succeeded in convincing her that she was “wearing a jin”, which is the reason that she did not get pregnant from her husband, noting that she sat with him more than once, during which he obtained 12 thousand pounds from her, under the pretext that he was trying to remove the jinn from her body, and in The last time he told her, “The only way for this jinn to come out of your body is for me to have sex with you until the jinn come out of your body, so that you can have children.”

The reporter added that he told her to bring 3,000 pounds before he had sex with her, so she complained about him and went to the Benha police station, and filed a report against him, and by notifying Major General Fakhr al-Arabi, the director of security, an ambush was prepared for the accused, and the amount was monitored while she went to meet him at the agreed place After entering the place, the security forces raided the place, arrested the accused, and took him to Benha Police Station.

A report on the incident was issued, and by referring to the prosecution office, it decided to detain him pending investigations.

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