His nephew reveals … what Maradona said a few hours before his death


Argentine soccer legend Diego Armando Maradonas nephew revealed the last words of the former Napoli player a few hours before his death.

Maradona died on Wednesday evening after suffering a heart attack, a few days after undergoing surgery due to a brain haemorrhage.

According to what was reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Maradonas nephew confirmed that the Argentine legend told him before his death that he did not feel well and that his condition was bad.

The British newspaper confirmed that Maradona had breakfast on Wednesday morning, but he looked pale and complained of his cold.

The “Daily Mail” quoted what Maradona said to his nephew before returning to bed in his palace in Buenos Aires, where he assured him that he was in bad condition.

The newspaper added that, before noon, the nurse for the retired Argentine player discovered his condition was delayed and rushed to seek help, but he died before the ambulance arrived.


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