Hit and spat .. Imam Ashour faces a suspension for 4 matches after the cup match


get over Zamalek team On FC Egypt, two goals to one, in the match that was held in the framework of the quarter-finals of the Egyptian Cup yesterday, Saturday, at the new Suez Stadium stadium, to qualify for the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup and face the vanguards of the army.

FC Egypt led the first goal of Abdel Rahman Magdy in the 85th minute, while Osama Faysal equalized at the end of normal time, and Ahmed Sayed Zizou added the second goal from a penalty kick.

Zamalek player Imam Ashour faces a four-match ban, according to the regulations, after he was expelled in the FC Egypt match for intentionally harming Islam El-Far, the opponent’s player, in addition to spitting on him.

It is expected that, in the event of a suspension penalty against Ashour, 4 matches, he will miss the semi-final match of the Egypt Cup against Talaa El-Geish, scheduled for next December 1, in addition to the final match, if Zamalek surpasses his counterpart Talaa El-Geish.

The meeting between Zamalek and FC Egypt began with Zamalek’s control and in the first minute, Imam Ashour was blocked by the player of FC Egypt, and Mahmoud Ashour gave him a free kick, and Shikabala sent a long ball in the third minute, received by Kasungu and dodged the opponent’s defender and hit the ball held by the goalkeeper with difficulty .

Attempts were made by Kasongo to penetrate the defenses of FC and Egypt, and he received a long ball from behind the defenders and scored a goal that was canceled by Mahmoud Ashour, the referee of the match for offside in the ninth minute.

In the 17th minute, FC Egypt defender succeeded in thwarting Shikabalas attempt to penetrate into the penalty area, and Youssef Obama got a free kick after the opponent’s player deliberately pulled him in the Yemeni front and dropped him to the ground in the 18th minute.

In the 20th minute, Imam Ashour sent a long ball that would reach inside the penalty area. The FC Egypt goalkeeper succeeded in catching it before Joseph Obama reached it.

The referee calculated a free kick in the 22nd minute against Reda Al-Weishi, striker of FC Egypt, for committing a foul against Mahmoud Alaa, defender of Zamalek, and Ahmed Adel, player of FC Egypt, hit a strong ball from outside the penalty area in the 23rd minute, next to the goal of Mahmoud Jensh, goalkeeper of the White Castle.

And the referee, Mahmoud Ashour, canceled his decision, which he counted in the 25th minute, with a penalty kick in favor of Zamalek striker Kabongo Kasungu, after FC Egypt defender touched the ball with his hand, and in turn, the assistant referee raised the flag and counted the ball offside and not counting a penalty kick for Zamalek.

The most famous referee of the match was a yellow card against Mahmoud Alaa in the 30th minute, after he committed a foul against FC Egypt striker Reda Al-Weishi. In the 34th minute, Shikabala fired a missile from outside the penalty area above the crossbar of the FC Egypt goalkeeper.

In the 39th minute, Yusef Obama passed the ball inside the penalty area, which was received by Kasungu, and dodged the defender of FC Egypt and hit the ball above the crossbar to be considered by the referee.

The course of the second half witnessed the takeover of the Zamalek players in the middle of the field and Shikabala failed to control the ball in front of the penalty area in the 47th minute, and FC Egypt defender succeeded in removing it to the middle of the field.

And Islam Jaber sent a cross pass, which FC Egypt defender succeeded in removing from the header of Mostafa Mohamed, Zamalek striker, and depriving him of a chance achieved in the 50th minute.

In the 55th minute, Shikabala sent a cunning ball into the penalty area, which was shot by Kasungu with his head, which collided with the body of a defender of FC Egypt and passed into a corner kick. .

In the 60th minute, Mahmoud Ashour, the referee, declared the red card to the Zamalek player Imam Ashour, after he obstructed Islam Al-Far and deliberately harms the player in front of the penalty area.

Pacheco, coach of FC Egypt, resorted to pushing midfielder Tariq Hamed, a substitute for Islam Jaber, to tighten control of the middle of the field, and Abdel-Rahman Gamal scored the first goal of FC Egypt in the 85th minute with a powerful shot that hit the corner of Zamalek goalkeeper Jensh.

The course of the first additional game began with the Antarra attack of Zamalek striker Mostafa Mohamed, and he tried to dodge the goalkeeper of FC Egypt, but the referee considered it an offside based on the banner of the assistant referee.

In the 99th minute, the referee of the match, Mahmoud Ashour, awarded a penalty kick in favor of Osama Faysal, after a friction with FC Egypt defender inside the penalty area, then he retracted the decision after returning to video technology and expelled FC Egypt player Hosni Zaki and counted the game a free kick and canceled the penalty kick and Mahmoud Alaa shot a ball Headed strong at the end of the first extra half, Walid Tawfiq, the opponent’s goalkeeper, was able to catch her.

Zamalek players began the second extra half with pressure from Zamalek, and the referee canceled a goal by Mahmoud Ashour for offside and awarded a penalty kick in favor of Abdullah Jumaa after blocking him in the penalty area, and Ahmed Sayed Zizou scored Zamalek’s second goal in the 115th minute.


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