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09:28 PM | Thursday 19 November 2020

A source close to Mustafa Fathy: The player is pressing Zamalek to leave for Pyramids

Mustafa Fathy, Zamalek player

Presses Mustafa Fathy The player of the first team of Zamalek, according to White officials, to leave for the Pyramids team, in the coming hours.

A source close to Mustafa Fathi revealed that he wants to leave on loan and not final sale for a season, in order to participate in the matches, especially since he has become the seat of the bench at the present time.

The source added that Pyramids officials are talking with the player in order to obtain his approval, so that Zamalek is officially addressed, and their financial requests are known, to settle the deal for a season on loan.

The source stressed that the player is continuing with the white, until the final of the Champions League scheduled for 27 of this month in front of Al-Ahly, so that pressure on Zamalek officials to request to leave after him and to obtain the opportunity to participate with the Pyramids team.

Zamalek club had revealed the fact that Pyramids had negotiated to obtain the services of Mustafa Fathi, the team’s player, during the current period.

A source inside the Zamalek club said in exclusive statements to Al-Watan Sport: “We have not received any offers from Pyramids to obtain the services of Mustafa Fathy as it is reported. We know that they only want Mustafa Mohamed, not Fathi.”

The source added: “We do not follow rumors. We maintain everyone’s focus at the present time, Mustafa Fathi, his fate is in the hands of the technical staff, and in the event that an official offer arrives, we will discuss it with him, especially as he is one of the major players in the team.”

The source explained: “Talking about the departure of Mustafa Mohamed to Pyramids is impossible. The player will leave for foreign professionalism after the end of the African Championship and his contribution to crowning the Whites in it, and he got a promise of that, and indeed he has great capabilities that qualify him for that, and everyone watches what he offers with the white.”

The source ended his statements: “We are talking with official offers only. There was interest and friendly talk on the part of the Pyramids Club, to obtain the services of Mustafa Muhammad, but we refused that.”


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