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11:09 AM | Saturday 07 November 2020

Dialogue | Ahmed Fathy: I refused to concede to Salah and Nedved, my successor, and this is a condition of my retirement

Ahmed Fathy, the Egyptian national team player and Pyramids

go run Ahmad Fathi, Club player Ahly Previously, Pyramids and the Egyptian national team currently had a comprehensive dialogue in which he discussed all the issues that concern him in the past period, most notably the departure from Al-Ahly and the move to Pyramids, as well as his exclusion from the ranks of the national team, through the program “Allaib” on MBC Egypt.

Fathy said that he spent the best days of his life inside the corridors of the Red Castle, indicating that he wished the Red Team success in the coming period and the coronation of the African Champions League.

He continued: “I will be at Burj Al Arab Stadium on November 27th in order to support Al-Ahly and celebrate with them by the coronation. I feel that Al-Ahly will be crowned with the championship. A conversation took place between me and Tariq Hamed and the latter expected Zamalek to win, and I expected Al-Ahly to be crowned, but this conversation was between me and the player in the last camp of the Egyptian national team.” Last year, we both expected the arrival of Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the final match, and this is what really happened.

He continued: “One of the most prominent situations that I was affected by is that my daughters told me that we will not leave the club again and play, but I assured them that we will go a lot,” adding: “Why won’t we go to my family again, I will always be in the club.”

He continued: “I played for Al-Ahly for very long years and won all the championships with him, but it is the year of life, moving between clubs, and I will not retire from the stadiums except when I feel that I am unable to play football again, or if Egypt went up to the World Cup and participated again in that tournament.”

Ahmed Fathy: I love Mohamed Mahmoud and Karim Nedved, my successor in Al-Ahly

International Ahmed Fathy spoke about his relationship with a number of Al-Ahly club players, especially young players who joined in recent years, the ranks of the Red Castle team.

And he continued: “I gave Karim Nedved my shirt number in Al-Ahly and I love it very much, so I feel that he looks like me and he will be my successor inside the Al-Ahly club. I also love Muhammad Mahmoud and I wish him a speedy recovery, and Akram Tawfiq will have a great future as well, as he is like the unknown soldier.”

The Joker also spoke about the scenes of his exclusion from the Egyptian national team, saying: “There are no differences between me and Captain Hossam El-Badry or Mohamed Salah. Any player in my position will refuse to waive it, and if I were to be presented with the badge, which is not my right, I will not agree to wear it.


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