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03:43 PM | Monday 09 November 2020

Mayfotch ... the fall of the isolated ... Corona hits the Bannon family and Budji outside Al-Ahly

Badr Bannon, the new Al-Ahly player

“Mayfoottech”, a morning and evening news service provided by “Al-Watan Sport”, to its readers and followers daily, during which it reviews the most important events and news related to local football, and the most important things happening inside the walls of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek Castle and the Egyptian clubs.

Bannon’s wife tested positive for Corona virus

The new Corona virus “Covid-19” attacked the wife of the player, Badr Bannon, the Moroccan Raja player, who was recently transferred to Al-Ahly.

The player himself announced through the “Story” feature on his personal account on the famous photo site “Instagram”, that his wife was infected with the emerging virus, days before his arrival in Cairo to officially join the Red Castle in preparation for the new season .. Details of the news from Here

The isolated falls in the elections of representatives

The committee overseeing the elections for the House of Representatives in the Mit Ghamr district announced the results of the vote count, which witnessed the loss of the ousted president of Zamalek Club.

The isolated person came in sixth place after winning 21,271 votes, to be out of the run-off race in the House of Representatives elections … The outcome details Here

3 offers for Budgie

Ahmed Hassan, former captain of the Egyptian national team and the dean of the world players, revealed that Al-Ahly club had received some offers to sign Senegalese Aliou Badji, the first team striker.

Ahmed Hassan said on his program, Falcon Stadium, broadcast on Radio Egypt: “The offers made to include Badji from the National Bank, Al-Mokawloon and Ismaili teams, and there are also external offers to contract with the Senegalese striker, and it is clear that Musimani needs to include a new striker and will be at the expense of Badji’s departure.”

Al-Saqr continued, that the matter will be resolved after the African Champions League final, indicating that there may be a reciprocal deal between Al-Ahly and the Tigris Valley, for the transfer of Ahmed Ramadan Beckham to the red team, stressing that the Tigris coach refused to include Badji as part of an exchange deal .. Details of the statement from Here


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