How did the “poor” Kane and the “left back” transform with Mourinho?


As soon as the English club Tottenham Hotspur announced the contract with Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho in November of last year, many ridiculous campaigns poured into the stars of the team, on social media, especially the brilliant offensive players in recent years.

Tottenham ousted former Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino last season, due to the poor start of the team, despite the golden era that he qualified for qualifying for the Champions League final in the 2018-2018 season, and the English capital club surprised everyone by contracting with Mourinho, who has extensive experience in the English Premier League.

Kane scored 17 goals in the Premier League during the 2018/2019 season, and has also shined strongly in previous years, crowned the Golden Boot as the Premier League scorer twice, while Son scored 12 goals in the 2018/2019 season and has also impressed since joining Tottenham in 2015.

Mock campaigns, some of which described Kane as a “poor” whose goalscoring numbers will drop sharply, in light of the defensive approach that Mourinho has been famous for recently, and extended to consider that Son will play in the “left-back” position under the leadership of the Portuguese coach, and considered that he should forget his offensive duties That he got used to.

Many former stars and analysts had a similar look, as Paul Merson, former Arsenal star, expected Kane to seek to leave the ranks of Tottenham, after Mourinho took over as coach of the London team, and added that he would not score again his usual numbers, ranging between 25 and 30 goals per season, due to Mourinho Politics.

As usual, Mourinho did not remain silent in front of these criticisms, and he reviewed the numbers of his former strikers at the press conference, most notably Didier Drogba in Chelsea, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema at Real Madrid, as well as the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Manchester United, confirming their brilliance under his leadership in his various experiences.

But the new season witnessed a historic shift in the career of the English and South Korean stars, especially Harry Kane, whose role was completely changed in Mourinhos new plan, and became the focus of the team’s play and the most prominent maker of his attacks, not just his scorer.

He became accustomed to watching Kane in the middle of the field, like a midfielder, passing the ball with genius to his teammates, which made him the best playmaker in the English competition during the current season, but those tasks did not affect his success in visiting the net, as he scored seven goals so far, two goals difference Only top scorer for Premier League.

* Heat map of Harry Kane’s moves during the confrontation with Tottenham and Manchester City

The amazing transformation in Kane’s career was that he made nine goals during the first nine rounds, to fly alone at the forefront of the best playmakers in the English Premier League, and that shift represented the vast difference in his numbers in the play industry, having made only eight goals during the previous three seasons combined.

Kane has become a strong candidate and very early to be the best maker of Premier League play this season, and his dream of crowning the award that was officially presented only three years ago, which will make him the first player in Premier League history to collect the top scorer and best playmaker, in case he achieves that achievement.

The Korean star, in turn, exploded offensively under the leadership of Mourinho, scoring nine goals in the Premier League so far, to single-handedly top the scorers’ table, and is very close to smashing his best numbers in the competition, when he scored 14 goals in the 2016/2017 season, although he has only gone through Approximately 25% of the number of matches in the competition this season.

Kane comfortably sits on the throne of the best goal contributors during the Premier League competitions this season, with 16 goals, while Son contributed 11 goals, making two goals in addition to his nine goals, to occupy second place behind his colleague at Tottenham.

In general, the offensive development was clearly visible in Tottenham’s numbers, as the team scored 21 goals in the Premier League so far, ranking second among the competition’s strongest offensive lines, one goal behind Chelsea.


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