How to activate the self-destructing message feature on WhatsApp to protect your chat?


WhatsApp confirmed its plans to launch the feature of sending self-destructing messages, which adds an additional layer of security to users, and this means that any messages will remain visible for only seven days, and rumors have circulated about this feature since last November, and finally, the company owned by Facebook made the matter official, as WhatsApp said in the Frequently Asked Questions section on its website: “You can send messages that disappear on WhatsApp by enabling message disappearance, and once enabled, new messages sent in an individual or group chat will disappear after seven days, and the newer option controls all messages in the chat. , And this setting will not affect messages that you previously sent or received in chat.

WhatsApp added: “It is very easy to enable the setting as soon as it is launched – provided you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed. Here is how to enable self-destruction of WhatsApp messages:

In the beginning, you can turn on the option in the settings for each chat, and while the feature is not yet available, it is believed that it will be introduced to users soon, and once it becomes available, the ability to self-destruct messages becomes easy to enable, by following the following steps:

To start, open WhatsApp and open the chat that you want to enable it through.

– Click on the contact’s name in the upper part of the window.

You will see an option called Hidden Messages Disappearing MessagesTap on it, and if prompted, tap Continue.

Select On / Off as required.

Will my messages always disappear?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are looking to start using self-destructing messages. First, if the person has not verified their WhatsApp messages for seven days, they will be deleted, however, the contents of the message may still be visible in that person’s notifications, and finally, if A hidden message has been forwarded to a chat. With the messages disappearing, the message will not disappear in the forwarded chat.

The last warning is that if the user creates a backup before the message disappears, the disappeared message will be included in the backup, and the hidden messages will be deleted when the user restores from a backup, and it is not yet clear exactly when the self-destructing messages will become available although they may be available. In the next few weeks with the application update.


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