How will the Biden administration deal with the Renaissance Dam crisis? .. Amr Moussa answers..Video


Amr Moussa, the former Secretary-General of the League of Arab States and a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, answered the question, “After the departure of US President Trump … how will the Biden administration deal with The Renaissance Dam crisis What will he find on the file and the negotiations?
He said Amr Moussa, In a telephone intervention on one of the satellite channels, there are many topics that need explanation, such as AlNahda dam And the Libyan crisis, Syria and the Horn of Africa, to the new American administration.

و .شار Amr Moussa, Until “A.For the United States, our approach to it is still in force, and we need its help, and also Egypt has resorted to the African Union in the Renaissance Dam crisis.

He revealed that the Renaissance Dam file is medium-term, and there are many files that need to be presented to the new American administration.

He explained that the results of the new elections in America placed upon Egypt a great responsibility to restore understanding and put forward the Egyptian political, Egyptian and regional interests.

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