Hyundai surprises its fans with the ix35 model 2021 … and reveals the most prominent specifications


1:56 PM

Monday 23 November 2020

Books – Mohamed Gamal:

Hyundai, the leading South Korean auto manufacturer, decided to conclude this year and expand its large vehicle family with the new ix35, which many considered among the most beautiful crossovers this year.

According to Russia Today in Arabic, the new ix35 comes with a completely different design from the previous ix35 designs, as it got a distinctive shape for the front end, grille of the radiator cover and shock absorbers, and its lighting is designed from the back to adorn the entire trunk door.

The new version of the ix35 got lamps powered by modern LED technologies, and its structure has increased its dimensions to become 4 meters and 50 centimeters long to provide more space in the passenger cabin.

From the inside, this car completely differed from the ix35 that preceded it as well, and the design of the steering interface and the air-conditioning vents differed, the facade was decorated with elements of wood, leather and chrome, and it was equipped with a leather-clad sports steering wheel, and a giant longitudinal touch screen.

Hyundai also equipped this vehicle with electrical systems to control the positions of seats and mirrors, systems for heating and cooling seats, advanced multimedia and air conditioning systems, light and rain sensors, cameras and front and rear distance sensors, and several driving systems suitable for different types of roads.

The new ix35 will be available with 1.4-liter GDI turbocharged engines with a capacity of 140 horsepower, 160-horsepower engines, 7-speed automatic gearboxes and 6-speed mechanical gearboxes.


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