I don’t mind my sister having sex before marriage


Lebanese artist solution Nicolas Mezher Yesterday a guest on the program “I am the heck” presented by the Lebanese journalist.Nishan“Via the New Channel. A statement made by Nicola that turned social media upside down and caused great controversy, and the statement read: “I do not mind my sister practicing Sex Before marriageWe are in 2020, and people are developing and becoming in Social Media and everyone uses them.. Girls used to get married at the age of 14 and 13, which is considered young.

The public launched its attack against Nicolas, and among the comments was “This is not developed at all..the lack of religion.” … “This is our problem for years, when we hollow the mistake, our eyes are silent and say it develops and globalizes we take the bad thing and apply it, imitate Western countries in forbidden things, and we say that generations are lost. Because of this development, God establishes us on his religion. ”“ I die and I know. Why do they not develop in scientific, cultural, artistic, or anything that benefits and benefits from it ?? Why does the Middle East, and especially a quarter of us, have development? Why is development limited only to their lack of modesty ”


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