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No artist appears in any television interview except and talks about the marriage experience and what she went through, whether it was a successful marriage and lasted for many years, or there was failure and jealousy of the husband over the wife.

Each artist has a story, some of them do not pay attention to what happened in the past and go on with their lives, and others took a lesson from what they went through and had special decisions not to try to marry again.

In this report, we learn about the tales of female artists with marriage.

Ilham Shaheen

“I failed twice in my marriage, and I cannot bear a man in my life.” This is how artist Ilham Shaheen summarized her experience in marriage, confirming that she believes that no one takes more life than is destined for him.

In her interview with the journalist Lamis Al-Hadidi on the “Final Word” program on ON Channel, Elham explained that she married twice and failed, and that was because she preferred her work to her personal life.

In her opinion, the psyche of the eastern man is affected by the fame of his wife, as well as her life, so she saw that the husband was jealous of her success more than her jealousy, so she could not bear it, and about her current marriage she confirmed that it is not at all possible, and she can no longer bear the responsibility of a husband at this age.

Hala Sidqi

As for the artist, Hala Sidqi, she said, “I have no luck in marriage,” stressing that the most important thing in her life now is her children.

Hala Sidqi believes that most of the female artists’ marriages are unsuccessful, which she explained in a post on her Facebook account, explaining that if an artist married a person with limited capabilities and not on her material or literary level, she would be subject to threats, defamation and extortion, because most of these marriages are to exploit the wife’s fame and potential.

If she marries a colleague and surpasses him, jealousy may occur, and if she marries a wealthy businessman, the public will say about her that she married him because of his wealth and not out of love for him.

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Nelly Karim

Despite her recent engagement, Nelly Karim had some statements about marriage in her interview with “The Biography” program with Wafa Al Kilani, including “I hated men.”

During the meeting, Nelly Karim said, “The passport is not the same. The passport catalog is like a watermelon. My two nuts were a lottery.”

She indicated that she had been subjected to betrayal, which resulted in their separation and said, “Certainly, there has been betrayal, but the marriage is in stages and with a contract that has endured a lot.

شيرين رضا

The only experience of the artist Sherine Reda is her marriage to the artist Amr Diab in the eighties, which resulted in their daughter “Nour”, but since that time Sherine refuses to marry and confirms that she will not repeat the experience.

On this matter, Sherine said, “I got married once, and I will never repeat it. I arrived at this decision with complete conviction, I have no desire to marry at all.”

Raniya Yousif

Actress Rania Youssef had more than one marriage experience, some of which ended in disputes and issues.

After the last divorce, Rania spoke more than once, explaining that she would not marry again and that she went through the experiment more than once and did not succeed and she was satisfied with this matter.

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