I now know the electricity bill for November 2020 and 4 cases to raise the meter and disconnect the electricity from the subscriber


The electricity bill is of great importance to thousands of citizens in Egypt, and that is why the Ministry of Electricity has provided a service to know the value of the monthly electricity bill. The Ministry of Electricity has also provided the service of paying the value of the electricity bill electronically. Pay the electricity bill electronically.

Link to know the value of the electricity bill and electronic payment of the electricity bill: –

The nine electricity companies, which undertake the task of delivering electricity to citizens and collecting the value of the electricity bill, issued the monthly electricity bill for the month of November 2020, and all citizens, subscribers and affiliates of any of the electricity distribution companies, can now know the value of the electricity bill and pay it electronically by visiting the company’s website Electricity to which the electricity meter belongs, then enter the meter number or subscription number according to the electricity company, as follows: –

* Canal Company for Electricity Distribution.

* Alexandria Electricity Company.

* North Delta Electricity Distribution Company.

* South Delta Electricity Distribution Company.

* Middle Egypt Electricity Distribution Company.

* North Cairo Electricity Distribution Company.

* South Cairo Electricity Distribution Company.

* Buhaira Electricity Distribution Company.

* Upper Egypt Electricity Distribution Company

It is also possible to pay the electricity bill electronically through the official website of the Electricity Distribution Company to which the electricity meter is affiliated, and choose the electronic payment of the electricity bill.

Cases in which the Electricity Distribution Company has the right to raise the electricity meter: –

There are many cases in which the electricity company can raise the electricity meter and disconnect the electric current from the subscriber, and these cases are: –

1- Accumulation of electricity bills for a period of not less than 3 months.

2- If two warnings are sent to the subscriber that he must pay the debt, otherwise the electric current will be disconnected from him.

3- Repeating the records of the thefts of electric current, whether for connection to the same or others.

4- Intentionally disabling the meter to manipulate the consumption value.

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