I worked as a dancer in a nightclub .. A Jordanian court supports the re-registration of a woman in the Bar Association


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Ihakq Law Firm issued a statement announcing the issuance of a ruling by the Supreme Administrative Court in Jordan headed by Judge Majed Al-Ghobari, and the membership of each of Judges Ibrahim Al-Batayneh, Muhammad Al-Ghurair, Raja Al-Sharairi and Adnan Fraihat, in support of the decision of the Administrative Court issued under the presidency of Judge Dr. Wissam Al-Majali, to cancel the decision of the Bar Council, refusing to register the plaintiff in the register of trained lawyers in the Syndicate, after 15 years of being removed from the Syndicate due to her previous work as a dancer in a nightclub.

The plaintiff obtained the verdict after 15 years of suffering, after her dismissal from the union and leaving her to work in the nightclub, and her work in customer service in a bank, during which it was proven that she was of good reputation and behavior, and the legal conflict continued throughout that period, and the Supreme Administrative Court found in the terms of the judgment that the lesson in reputation at the time The decision is not about previous work, and that the plaintiff after that period studied, got married, and took courses at home and abroad, and she was of good reputation during her work at the bank.

A woman spends 15 years in the courts until she gets a ruling to enter the bar

The reasons for the ruling stated that the plaintiff obtained a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Philadelphia in 2004 and was registered in the Trainee Register Syndicate at the Bar Association in the same year. After receiving information to the Profession Affairs Committee of the Bar Association, the trainee attorney’s practice of dancing in a nightclub, the union decided to cancel her registration Of records.

The plaintiff appealed the decision, and the court refused to register her in 2005 in the records of the union and obligated her to pay the expenses, then worked in a Jordanian bank and obtained a master’s degree in law with an excellent grade, and she submitted a new application for registration in the Bar Association in 2011 and was rejected by the union, and the plaintiff returned the appeal against the decision and the court also supported The decision and the court continued her work at the bank until 2016, and during her work at the bank she was of good conduct, received many training and got married.

I got my Masters .. and courses at home and abroad .. I worked in a bank for more than 10 years, which was of good reputation

She participated in the entrance examinations in the bar in 2019, and obtained final grades in the oral and written exams, and the union also refused to register her, and it re-appealed again to the court. The court saw the cancellation of the bar association’s decision because the reason had disappeared and that she obtained higher studies and enjoyed good reputation during her work and got married and obtained Training courses and a legal attorney license that entitles her to practice the legal profession before the Sharia courts in Jordan.

The court clarified that the legislator gave the Bar Council the right to verify the person’s behavior before issuing its decision to accept the registration, which means that the council must verify and not be of good conduct and not say that there is a precedent for the right of the plaintiff that makes her not behave with good conduct and behavior, and that the Bar Council did not discuss the plaintiff’s request. The new reasons that occurred to him to accept her request and did not verify the existence of a good reputation condition, and the scientific certificates and practical experiences that she obtained, and their connection to the marriage contract, all of this makes the contested decision contrary to the law.

The full text of the statement issued by the Ihaqaq Center that took up the case

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